KOKOH is an electronic music producer and digital artist, and his productions use field recordings mixed with digital synths in the studio.

KOKOH grew up surrounded by music, listening to his father playing the piano and the guitar. From early age studied music, where he learned the basics of composition, piano, pan flute and transverse flute.

At a young age, in 1997, his inclination and passion for electronic music began at the time of synthesizers, raves and experimental music, where he started to look for sounds and melodic genres with which he felt identified.

In 2005 started performing electronic music, live shows and DJ sets in the genres of Trance, Psychedelic and Electro at different events and festivals in Venezuela. This same year released his first complete production, “Haleine”, with eight tracks; unfortunately, due to disagreements with the record label, an agreement was made to remove the songs from all platforms in 2006.

On an essence discovery, he moved to Amsterdam and later to London, where he studied Audio Engineering; in the same year, he initiated research to discover how to use field recording techniques, using sounds to create instruments mixed with synthesizers.

In 2018 KOKOH released the second studio album, ‘Unloved’, a sound in the Electro & Synth Pop genre developing a psychological concept breaking down the emotional detachment into five micro-interactions.
From 2019 until the present has released a series of singles and developed a new concept which he named the SOHO SESSIONS, a monthly night with rhythm, progressive or deep house, and melodic techno.